Elite league winners still not paid

July 07, 2017

Derrick Brown, manager of Global United and winners of this year's Supreme Ventures Intermediate Open League, says that his club is yet to receive its prize from Netball Jamaica two months after winning the competition.

Brown says that his club submitted all the relevant documents required by Netball Jamaica in order to receive their winnings but still have received nothing to date.

The prize for winning is $70,000.

Brown told STAR Sports that he was told by Jamaica Netball officials at last week's presentation ceremony that payments would be made today, so they are now waiting to see what will happen.

"We were hoping to get it a little earlier this year and went to the awards ceremony. We were told that once we submitted our account numbers, then we will be getting it this week," said Brown.

"We are hoping to get it on Friday (today), and if we don't get it on Friday, then I will have to call them to check on it," he said.

Winston Nevers, coach of Jamalco, who won the Supreme Ventures Middlesex County League three weeks ago, said that he is unsure when they will receive their payments.

"Nobody said anything to us, and we don't get a deadline when we are going to get it," said Nevers, whose team is set to receive $100,000 for winning the competition.

"I am not really concerned because we played in the Berger League a couple of years ago and it took close to four weeks for us to get the money, but this time around, we don't know whether the sponsors paid over the money as yet," Nevers said.

Meanwhile, STAR Sports also understands that St Ann Orchids, winners of this year's Berger Elite League competition, are yet to receive their payments five months after winning the competition.

The Orchids are set to receive $200,000 for winning the competition while runners-up Kingston Hummingbirds will collect $130,000.

When contacted yesterday, communication director of Netball Jamaica Wayne Lewis said that he was not aware of the payments issues.

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