Boys' Town need $750,000 to go home

July 12, 2017
File Maverley-Hughenden's Nicholas Scott (left) tracks Boys Town's Michael Campbell during a Red Stripe Premier League match at the Barbican Field last season.

BOY'S' Town are still awaiting money to repair a damaged water pump, which had forced them to play away from Collie Smith Drive for the last two seasons. Coach Andrew Price is hoping the issue will be resolved for them to open the league at home on September 3.

"The main reason for the delay in returning home for Premier League games is getting the pump repaired. It will cost close to $750,000 to get done," Price told STAR Sports yesterday.

"We are talking with prospective individuals and waiting patiently for assistance," the long-serving Boys' Town coach added.

"It is a strong possibility that we could return in the 2017-18 season. The pump would provide water for the maintenance of the playing surface," he said.


Strong history


With the field not fit for Premier League football, Boys' Town have made Barbican home for the last two seasons.

The club has a strong history in local football, winning the national league on three occasions, the last being 1988. They have also won other titles at the senior and youth levels but have flirted with relegation in recent seasons.

"Our struggle is because of economic reasons. The pay structure at Boys' Town is not on par with other clubs, so we see a lot of players leaving for other clubs," Price said.

"We are not willing to stop players, but we ensure that the players are paid each month during the season that lasts nine months. We tell them what the club can afford. Those who stay are willing to fight, that is why we have survived the drop," he added.

"We continue to seek assistance from corporate Jamaica and individuals. There are past players who have contributed but we are urging others to help. We also try to develop community talent and continue to fight to give people an alternative in the community," he said.

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