Mullings blasts Tracey over 'irresponsible' commentary

July 14, 2017
Oral Tracey
Sakima Mullings

Sakima Mullings has accused local commentator Oral Tracey of being irresponsible after the 'Sports Commentary' host said on July 6 that the police should investigate the incidents surrounding Tsetsi Davis being "robbed" a Contender series semi-final between the two boxers.

Mullings blamed what he describes as "irresponsible journalism" for swaying public opinion among viewers who he said do not necessarily understand boxing's scoring system.

Mullings targeted Tracey, the host of the satirical programme, aired nightly on television.

"It's Sports Commentary but it's irresponsible journalism, because if he did his research and he asked other people within the boxing fraternity, majority of people would say it's clear as day that he (I) won the fight with clean punches. It's simple," Mullings said.

Tracey however said he was objective in his assessment.


Decisive victory


"As journalists we have an obligation to be fair and my opinion is that Sakima lost the fight. It's not a matter of Tsetsi being my fighter or my friend or Sakima being my enemy or nut'n like that. Watching that fight objectively, I thought he (Mullings) lost that fight, not by one point but at least two points - decisive victory for Tsetsi," said Tracey.

Mullings in the meantime said Tracey's comments also put his safety at risk on the streets.

"We all understand the society that we live in. We all understand that ... a lot of people in Jamaica take their sports very seriously. So I believe it's irresponsible to put me in a situation like that, to have a lot of people believing that I robbed Tsetsi of something that he rightfully deserved," he told STAR Sports.

Tracey doesn't feel the 35-year-old's safety was really at risk.

"Come on man, Sakima know seh him a crowd favourite. Nobody not gonna do him nothing. What I think he is guilty of is ascribing that kind of power to the opinion of a journalist like me. He is almost disrespecting the intelligence of the boxing public out there. Most people saw the fight and thought that Tsetsi won the fight and Sakima lost the fight. Dat nuh have nut'n fi do wid nuh journalist a lead nuhbody," said Tracey.


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