I have to beat him up - Holmes

September 14, 2017
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer Richard 'Frog' Holmes

Richard 'Frog' Holmes and his trainer Carl Grant believe that unless they get a knockout against Cody Crowley in Montreal, Canada, later this month, the fight will be lost. Holmes is set for a 10-round bout against the Canadian on September 30.

Grant said he is mindful that if the match comes down to the judges' decision, it will always favour the hometown fighter.

"I know they're building Crowley's record but Holmes will just have to go out there and beat him up, real bad," Grant told STAR Sports.

"If it goes the distance, Holmes will not win that fight in Canada. It's not like in Jamaica where they'll give a foreigner a decision when it's close with the local.

"In every aspect of life, the hometown decision always works out in favour of the hometown guy. It's only in Jamaica where that does not happen," Grant added.


Not too concerned


Holmes, while agreeing with his coach that the location favours his opponent, said he is not too concerned as he has been in the situation before.

"I'm not really concerned about that because I've been in a situation where I went to another opponent's country and beat him," Holmes said, referring to his fight against Mark Austin in Guyana last year.

"I know I'm not the favourite and I know my opponent is undefeated. I know I have to go out there and make sure that whatever I do, I try to stay on top, so that in the end, if the fight should go the 10 rounds and go to the judges, I will be the one to get the decision."

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