Swim clubs still dissatisfied with President Lamey

September 15, 2017


Although an expected vote of no confidence was not officially lodged against Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) president Handel Lamey and members of his executive in charge of competitive swimming at Wednesday evening's council meeting, various swimming clubs across the island have said that they are upset with the lack of respect shown to them by the body.

Many persons, who have issues with the handling of local swimming affairs, have been reluctant to publicly air these concerns, but Blue Seals Swim Club head coach Cleon Stewart decided to come forward with his problems.


Raising issues


"One of the major things that we are experiencing, I think, is a lack of respect we have when raising issues," he said. "For instance, we sent an email for a critical thing to be dealt with and he (Lamey) basically ignored it. That's one of the major things.

Stewart said that to his knowledge several clubs in Kingston as well as Montego Bay were having issues.

"The biggest clubs are having an issue and if they are having issues with an administrator, then you know that something is wrong. These guys, along with us, produce the swimmers that make the national set-up. So you really don't want to have the bodies that produce the swimmers that represent the country (taking a stand against you)," he said.

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