Kingston High hoping to hold unto Wing

September 16, 2017
Kingston High's 13-year-old winger Phillando Wing readies himself to take a free kick in his ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup game against host Wolmer's Boys yesterday.

Phillando Wing, who coincidentally plays on the wings for Kingston High School, not only grabbed attention for being the smallest player on the field in his team's ISSA Flow Manning Cup game against Wolmer's Boys yesterday, but also for his confident touches every time he received the ball from his teammates.

The 13-year-old, whose favourite player is Germany and Bayern Munich forward Thomas M¸ller, said that although the team lost 5-0, he felt great knowing his contribution was appreciated by his coaches.

"It's an excellent feeling knowing that I'm the youngest player on my team, and I always try my best to make sure we all have a good game," Wing said. "My good performances are because of the confidence given to me by the coaching staff, my principal, my vice-principal, and also my teachers and teammates."


Shun advances


After the game against Wolmer's, Kingston High vice-principal Earl Pottinger could be heard telling Wing to shun the advances of anyone approaching him for his number after the game, claiming he saw Wolmer's officials making advances to the youngster.

"I'm very concerned because, at this very match, the opposing team has approached him," Pottinger said. "I'm saying that you have a team always winning, and we have won our first game in Manning Cup just Tuesday, you know. We have one little bright spark (Wing) and you are out to get him. It's unfair. Whatever he can get at Wolmer's, he can get at Kingston High, and more. I can tell you that."

Wing has played every minute of all three games so far this season, and even scored in the team's 2-1 win over Innswood High, which Pottinger had mentioned.

Kingston High assistant coach Robert Garwood said that he and head coach Keith Johnson were impressed with what he describes as Wing's "hard work" during training, ahead of this season, and decided to include him in the Manning Cup squad.

"Me and di coach ah try hard wid him. We see di potential and wi a work wid him, and playing time ah go develop him. Di more playing time him get, di better him ah go get," Garwood told Star Sports.

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