I have my plans no manifesto needed - Ricketts

September 22, 2017
JFF president Michael Ricketts at yesterday's Red Stripe Premier League RSPL press launch.


"It was a political ploy, and in the end, it worked!" is the claim of newly elected Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) president Michael Ricketts regarding his not releasing an official campaign manifesto ahead of last week's presidential elections.

Ricketts, while addressing the audience at the launch of this season's Red Stripe Premier League at the JFF headquarters, said that he had more pressing matters to tend to than focusing on a manifesto.

"I've been battered and bruised by media houses for not presenting a manifesto," he said. "Well let me make it clear. This is a straight political strategy. While there would have been the presentation of a manifesto by my opponent and friend (Ambassador Stewart Stephenson), I was that same afternoon in St Ann, trying to get Danny Beckford (St Ann Football Association president) to vote for me, unsuccessfully, I must admit.


Unveiled soon


However, Ricketts said that his plans for his two years in office will be announced soon.

"So I want to make it very clear that I do have my plans and my plans will be unveiled soon," he shared.

"They are plans that are reachable and attainable. I want to make sure, and I will in due course, make a public announcement as it relates to going forward, what our plans are.

Ricketts told STAR Sports that he was not convinced that the parish presidents would have paid much attention to a manifesto had he created one.

"I've always said that you're trying to be in contact with 13 persons," he said.

"This is not a national election where you want to enlighten every single Jamaican. Only 13 persons voted, and it was more of a political strategy that we thought it wasn't absolutely necessary before an election to put out a manifesto. We thought that the important thing was to keep in contact with your delegates. I had eight parishes nominating me and the onus was to ensure that I maintained those eight votes and that is what I did. I must express my gratitude and my regards to those eight parishes. We were very strong amidst a lot of persuasion to cross the floor, so to speak.

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