Bell maintains confidence in youthful 'light blues'

October 07, 2017
File St George's College's captain Matthew Wilson (right) displaying his power against Tarrant High's Kemar Morris and Akeem Brown during an ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup preliminary round match.
Rachid Parchment/Photographer St George's College head coach Neville 'Bertis' Bell.

St George's College's head coach, Neville 'Bertis' Bell, said the current team is the youngest he has conditioned at the North Street-based institution.

However, he insists that he is not using that as an excuse, as they are in the Manning Cup to win and will aim for nothing less.

"I don't make excuses. Since I have started (season) everyone keeps asking if I am rebuilding. Yes, we have young players but we are in the competition to win. Whether we are going to win or not only God knows, but we are here to win and we think we are as good as anyone in the competition," Bell told STAR Sports.

On Tuesday against Tarrant, the 'Light Blues', known for their smooth, fluent football, were far from impressive in their win over host Tarrant, but Bell is not overly concerned. As a matter a fact, he was impressed with the fact that they played badly and still managed to achieve their objectives on the field.

"We don't always get it right, but we think on the days when we get it right, we are a good team. We came here to get three points and we got three. We didn't want to give up a goal and we didn't give up a goal, so two of the things we wanted to do we achieved," he added.

Bell added that the team's aim is to win the Manning Cup.

"If we don't, we move on, but we are not here just to participate. We are a confident team and when we get it right we will do well," he said.

Bell, in the meantime, was happy that they still managed to not give up goals even in games they don't win.

"That's a good sign for us, so I am not too concerned," he concluded.

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