Lyn: They want me back as president!

October 20, 2017

Former Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) president Martin Lyn has said that a number of clubs have asked him to try to return to the role at next month's ASAJ annual general meeting.

"I am taking it under advisement because some clubs have come to me and asked me to come back based on the fact that under my tenure, a lot of positives happened at the ASAJ," Lyn told Star Sports.

"I wouldn't say a number of clubs, but I would say some clubs. Some people have come to me individually outside of clubs. Those individuals, even though we all know they are associated with certain clubs, are decision makers within these clubs.

"One of the big problems that we now face is sponsorship, and that's something that definitely, I would be concentrating on. I believe that for the last two years, the positives that I built on, some of it has been sort of let down. I believe that's one of the reasons clubs are asking me to come back," Lyn said.


Losing major sponsors


Lyn was referring to issues the current Handel Lamey-led administration has been having regarding losing major sponsors for ASAJ sanctioned-competitions. This was one of the issues brought against Lamey last month when members of ASAJ's executive council had planned a vote of no confidence against him, treasurer Florence Williams and secretary Lavinia McClure. But Lyn said that he is not too interested in what took place then.

"I don't really want to get into a discussion of no confidence, because no confidence is exactly what it is - no confidence," he said. "I really don't have any opinion on it. If somebody says they don't have confidence in you, they don't have confidence in you. That doesn't affect me in terms of whether I run."

Lyn said that although he is considering running for president of the ASAJ, he has not contacted anyone to form his executive should he win. However, he mentioned a couple of names of persons who could be involved.

"I do not advocate the concept of a slate simply because I believe that the best person for the job is who I'd prefer to run with," he said. "So it's not like I would have anybody in particular in mind, but certainly, I would say the general secretary position would be the previous general secretary that I had (Carol Thompson). I would definitely recommend that she would be coming with me if I decided to go because I wouldn't want a situation where somebody not of substance is not with me in the running. Diane Campbell also did a good job with synchronised swimming."

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