Daley-Morris: Netball Jamaica does get it right!

October 30, 2017
Jamaica captain and goal shooter Jhaniele Fowler-Reid (right) is challenged for the ball by England's Geva Mentor during their Fast5 Netball World Series match in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday morning.

While praising the national senior team for its runner up finish at the Fast5 Netball World Series in Melbourne, Australia yesterday, Netball Jamaica president Dr Paula Daley-Morris said that she stands by decisions made by the body, in spite of the criticism it has received from the public and media in recent times.

However, Daley-Morris said that while the planning involved in sending the Sunshine Girls to the Fast5 competition resulted in relative success, she is not dwelling on that fact, as the most important thing to take from the second place finish, is how it can uplift the country.

"It's not so much about justifying the decisions," Daley-Morris told STAR Sports. "We are happy that we made good decisions and that in the end it turned out to be something that Jamaica can be proud of. Like any other organisation, as you go along, you're gonna have to just read the situation that is there and try and make the best decisions. Sometimes you may not make good decisions, sometimes you make good decisions that work out."

Daley-Morris also made light of the public criticism regarding one of the uniforms worn by the team during the competition. Many persons posted comments on social media describing one of the team's two uniforms as "loud" and also "ugly" but the association president joked that regardless of what the public thinks, the team looked good in her eyes.


"Clearly it wasn't about the uniforms, regardless of what they looked like out there, they looked good!" she said with a laugh. "They played the game well and you could look past the uniform. They looked nice and pretty and bright and sunny in our eyes."

The Sunshine Girls' were unbeaten throughout the tournament, with victories against rivals Australia, New Zealand and England. However, it was the English whom they met once more in the final when they lost 34-29. The second place finish matches the best ever placing by the team in international competition after they also finished second at the FastNet World Netball Series in England in 2009.
The team returns to the island at 6:45 this evening.

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