Duckie back to help Waterhouse

November 08, 2017
Donovan Duckie

WATERHOUSE fan favourite, coach Donovan Duckie, said it was easy for him to take up the offer to replace Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey because of the relationship he has had with the community.

Duckie, who left the club in 2013 after falling out with then president Ricky Chin, signed a three-year contract with the Drewsland club on Monday. He said taking over a team during the season is not usually his practice, but Waterhouse is dear to him and he wants to help them out of their current situation.

"Sunday, I spoke with the president and he told me (he wanted me to take over), but 'Admiral' is a person I admire as a coach, as a human being, and as an entertainer. I am a very close friend of his, but I have always been in dialogue with the president. Even when the team is not doing well, I would call or message to encourage him," Duckie revealed, adding that he had mixed feelings after White told him they wanted him for the job.

"It was easy to accept the job because the relationship I have with Waterhouse and Drewsland is exceptionally good. When I left, it was because of a falling out between me and the former president. It never had anything to do with results.




"I had a good relationship with the community so it was easy for me to say. Let's help the people and community of Waterhouse because the team plays an important role in their everyday lives."

Duckie, however, admitted that he might have some difficulties turning the fortunes of the Drewsland club.

"Ideally, I always like to have a team to prepare for at least two to two-and-a-half months and imprint a style of play, so they understand my philosophy and my system of play. Since I didn't have them from preseason, it is going to be a huge challenge for me.

"They already have a style from the past coach and our styles differ, so it's a huge challenge, but there are a lot of good things that they have and I will have to try and build on what is there already," he said.

Waterhouse travel to Montego Bay for Duckie's first game in charge on Sunday.

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