Apology accepted - JFF

November 30, 2017
Jamaica College players and a fan (left) celebrate their Walker Cup victory after defeating Kingston College 2-1 in the final at the National Stadium. However, it was a different scene after losing by the same margin to the Purples in the Super Cup semi-final.


DALTON Wint, general secretary of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), said it has accepted the apology order handed down by the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) to Jamaica College (JC) for the recent vicious verbal abuse of referee Leon Brown and other match officials.

ISSA yesterday instructed that JC issue an apology to match officials for the incident of verbal abuse, which took place in the aftermath of the contentious Super Cup semi-final between JC and Kingston College at Sabina Park on November 18.

"Yes, we are satisfied with it," said Wint. "It's a little bit weak and we had that discussion with ISSA, but the evidence and information that they received, they made a judgement on it and we accepted it.

"It's always embarrassing whenever you have confrontations, but when we look back and we reflect, for most persons they will be embarrassed about it, but they do apologies, and so we move on from it," Wint said.




In his match report, referee Brown stated that two JC officials hurled verbal abuse at the officiating crew following his decision to disallow a last-minute free-kick goal by JC striker Tyreke Magee.

The player's shot flew untouched into the KC net to give JC what appeared to be an equalising goal while 1-2 down with seconds to go.

Brown had clearly indicated that the kick should have been an indirect free kick, meaning that another player should have touched the ball before it went into the back of the net for it to be considered legitimate.

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