NBL teams doubtful about start date

January 06, 2018
File A National Basketball League match between Urban Knights and Majesty Gardens at the Stadium Courts on May 19, 2011.
File Martin

Jamaica Basketball Association president, Calvin Martin, said that clubs are still sceptical of the proposed January 20 restart of the National Basketball League and have been slow in completing their registration.

Nevertheless, he is optimistic that the tournament, which has been out of commission for four years, will tip off on the projected date, albeit, with a shortened version.

''Right now, to how the teams are responding in terms of getting the registration process going, I have some concerns. We must get things like passport photographs and other information, and it has been very slow in coming because the teams are still a bit sceptical, so that is kind of holding us back," he said.

However, he noted that the clubs have already submitted their entries, but have just been slow in completing their registrations.

"It is not necessarily late entries, it is the completion of registration. The teams are already registered, it is the information to complete the registration process," he said.

The 24 teams down to contest the tournament is less than Martin anticipated. However, the format will remain the same, although there will be less games.

"We thought we would have had about 30 teams, based on the allowances we made. But Eastern and Central conferences will have three, instead of five. Four teams will be out from those regions.

"The format is already set, so this is going to make it easier. The (new) season is not going to be a traditional long season where you play 21 games. They are going to play seven to 11 games, the most in the preliminary round, in the first year.

"However, when we start back in November, which we have proposed to do, we will go back to the format of playing 21 games in the preliminary round.

However, he added. "I am hoping that, all things being equal, and the administrative side is completed, we can tip off on that (proposed) date."

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