Refs paid .. kinda - Officials receive some of money owed

January 16, 2018
Referee Kevin Morrison (left) shows a red card to Reno's Afiba Chambers during a Premier League Football match against Harbour View at Harbour View in 2014.

General secretary of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), Dalton Wint, said that the association was working to eliminate the chance of a recurrence of non-payment of fees to officials.

On Saturday, Red Stripe Premier League referees were paid a portion of outstanding monies owed to them, and after a recent meeting between both parties, Wint expects a more amicable relationship going forward.

However, he accepts that compensating the officials on time will be key in maintaining a good relation.

"The referees collected their cheques," said Wint. "Most collected (fees) on Saturday, so the situation is behind us."

"We want to eliminate the recurrences as it relate to non payment to referees. When you work, you must get paid and you must get paid on time, that's why you work and that is how we are looking to have things done," he continued.

"I had a good meeting with them (referees) on Saturday and I expressed this with them, so we shouldn't be having any problems with our referees," he added.

According to the head of referees at the JFF, Victor Stewart, the officials' main contention was monies owed for travelling and subsistence and that was sorted out.




"The payment on Saturday was for September/October, while the next payment which he says will be done in short order, will be for November/December. They were paid their travelling and subsistence for the first part, while some claims were made for the second part of the tournament but currently a good relationship exists between both parties," Stewart said.

He added that: "The problem that existed was that the travelling and subsistence for the first part, September/October, was not forthcoming. The referees were expecting it for Christmas and like any other human being with Christmas coming up you would have expected that. There was a delay but everything is back on track. In the interest of football, we sorted out everything and the referees are satisfied with what is going on, and that everything will be sorted."

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