Midfielder flees Waterhouse rudies

January 24, 2018
Dasha Satchwell (left), playing for Arnett Gardens in 2014, tackles Tivoli Gardens' Weston Forrest during their Premier League match at the Edward Seaga Oval.

Dasha 'Iron Dawg' Satchwell, appointed Waterhouse captain following his transfer to the Drewsland club from Arnett last summer, has beat a hasty retreat back to the Junglists' stronghold following a spat with fans a week ago.

'Iron Dawg' was observed in animated quarrel with spectators during the Waterhouse-Sandals South Coast game last Wednesday at Drewsland Stadium.

Reports are that the mouthy fans turned up at Waterhouse's next training session and demanded that Satchwell leave the club. He has not returned to Drewsland since and has been training at Arnett, where he was a member of the championship team that defeated Portmore United in the final last May.

The STAR learnt that it was not the first time Satchwell has had run-ins with Waterhouse spectators. It is alleged that a similar incident occurred last November.

Waterhouse president, Donovan White, confirmed last Wednesday's incident.




"I am aware that there was some sort of verbal confrontation between some persons and the player. We are talking about sports and this thing happens," White told STAR Sports.

"He is still contracted to Waterhouse. Until that changes, he is still a Waterhouse player," the president added.

Meanwhile, Arnett Gardens president, Patrick Roberts, said he heard that Satchwell has been training with his club, but said no transfer talk has been made as yet.

"It is up to the coach to make a decision. There are no talks with Waterhouse," Roberts said. The deadline for transfers is January 31.

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