MBU can help change St James - Powell

January 30, 2018

Following the state of emergency declared in St James, Orville Powell, president of Premier League outfit Montego Bay United (MBU), said that the club is doing its best to stabilise what he described as an "emotional rollercoaster" for the team.

"Under the conditions, we do the best we can to facilitate the players (that don't want to go home). All of them are going through some sort of emotional roller-coaster right now, so we have to do our part in stabilising the situation," said Powell.

Powell was asked if the team could play some of their home games outside of Montego Bay. He said that it is an option that they will definitely have to look at.

"The situation in St James hasn't been good, and I think most of our leaders have been failing the youngsters. It gets to the stage now we hope some sense can come out of it," he said.

He blamed the public and private sectors in St James for "neglecting some of the things that can be calming factors" in the parish, including MBU.

Powell added that if the people at the top are not seeking to find ways to channel the great minds of the youngsters to something positive, then they will continue to go down the path of negativity.

"We have a vehicle such as MBU and it is not being utilised," said Powell. "We talk about football helping. There is no football being played in St James because all the areas where youngsters can play football are being taken away."

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