ASAJ plans 50m pool for MoBay

February 01, 2018

President of the Aquatic Sports Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) Martin Lyn said that he is looking to start the process of having a 50m swimming pool in Montego Bay again.

"Three years ago, I had made an approach to the parish council, who agreed to give us some land to build a pool. I also approached some investors who also agreed to aid us with funding. However, it didn't materialise because our administration changed," said Lyn.

"Now that my administration is back, we are going to revitalise the concept, despite losing some of the funding we had access to before," he added.

President of the Blue Marlin Swim Club in Montego Bay, Ann-Marie Logan, said that a few months ago she reached out to Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis, who could not be reached for a comment on the matter. Logan told Star Sports that she too wants a fully equipped multipurpose sports complex in the second city, one that can facilitate all the different sports, thus creating more opportunities for misguided young people.




"Right now we are lobbying for a pool, but ideally a multipurpose sports complex is what we need to encourage all the non-traditional sports that aren't really done outside of Kingston on a large scale, especially in Montego Bay, where we need to offer far more to the children," she said.

She believes there is no foundation laid for the children and as a result, idleness crept in. As such, she is calling out to the business community and other stakeholders to help to develop a sports or recreation centre to fix the problem the city is faced with today.

"Years ago, I wrote to all the different service groups and business fraternity saying we need a sporting facility in Montego Bay to harness our children, but no one took it on. So now, guess what - the children took up other things. I personally think it's not the cause, but it contributes to some of the problems we are having today," said Logan.

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