KSAFA bans four clubs from senior competitions

August 17, 2018

The Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) has banned four clubs from participating in the 2018-19 senior competitions because they did not play in the compulsory Under-13 and Under-15 competitions this season.

Dwayne Dillon, general secretary of KSAFA, said that Maverley/Hughenden, Whitfield Town, Red Hills, and Stony Hill are ineligible for the Major League as they are not playing in the NestlE U-13 and KSAFA U-15 competitions.

"The situation is that our KSAFA rules state that for clubs to participate in the senior competitions, it is compulsory for them participate in the youth competitions such as Under-13 and Under-15 that are currently under way," Dillon told STAR Sports yesterday.


"There must have been problems for the clubs not playing in the youth competitions. We would not be aware of all of them, but we know that a number of clubs are having financial difficulties and not able to participate," he added.

However, KSAFA is willing to assist the clubs in getting back into its competitions.

"We are willing to work with these clubs so they can regroup and come again. We need the injection of new blood in the football so the clubs can at least operate at the minimum requirement. When the clubs operate at a sub-standard level, there will always be challenges," Dillon shared.

"The clubs are still a part of KSAFA, so we want them to regroup and come again. When that is done, we will not have any problem with the clubs coming back into competitions," he concluded.

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