Lucea tops Hanover Major League in controversial final

August 21, 2018
Lucea FC celebrating a 1-0 win over Montpelier FC in the Hanover Major League final at the Watson Taylor Park on Sunday.

President of the Hanover FA, Sheridan Samuels, was disappointed in the way the finals of the Hanover Major League unfolded on Sunday

Lucea FC claimed the title with a 1-0 win over Montpelier FC in a controversial encounter at the Watson Taylor Park.

The heated game, that saw cards flashing from the start, including two red cards to the winning team late in the game, became controversial in the 62nd minute when there was a mix-up with substitutes. A player who was taken out, was sent back in, when it was determined he was mistakenly substituted.


Disciplinary action


"We are going to review the reports that we receive and invite the teams for a meeting. From there we will determine if serious disciplinary action needs to be taken. The Hanover FA will not tolerate this level of indiscipline at all again," said Samuels.

Despite the substitution mix-up, Samuels said the organisation of the league on a whole was done properly.

"What has happened is a mix-up with the officials, where they received the 'in and out' form to remove a particular player that was misinterpreted. Why this happened is because all season, fourth officials were not a part of the preliminary rounds so we used the match commissioner to do the fourth official duties and today we were faced with a bit of difficulty," he added.

An own goal by Montpelier's defender Shavoy Downie in the 31st minute saw Lucea walk away with the title.

The victory propels Lucea FC to the Western Confederations Super League.

The team's coach, Dwayne Ambusley, is excited for what they have achieved.

"We are looking forward to rejuvenating the team, getting players to add to what we have and try to strengthen certain areas where we are lacking," said Ambusley.


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