Cricket returns to Trelawny - But sponsorship needed for new competition

August 28, 2018
Chester Anderson

Despite being absent from the parish for 18 years, Chester Anderson, president of the Trelawny Cricket Association (TCA), is delighted they were able to bring back community cricket in the form of the Vincent Doctor 50-overs competition.

The competition bowled off on Sunday at the Trelawny Stadium. Trelawny Police Sports Club beat Wilson Valley by seven wickets. Wilson Valley posted a mere 64 all out.

This competition is open to all age groups and the hope is to identify players to represent the parish.

The competition will be played at three other grounds, Bounty Hall, Daniel Town and Clarks Town; 13 teams will compete.

"Under the new leadership of the TCA, we have decided to restart the competition because as it is now, there is only one high school (Troy High School) in the parish that participates in the Headly Cup," said Anderson. "Our nursery of cricket is very small and (there has been) the decline of the sugar estate cricket. So, with the start of this competition, the association is hoping to identify cricketers for the parish and possibly Jamaica."




Anderson rubbished reports that the TCA is using youngsters to umpire some of the games.

But he said the association was desperately seeking sponsorship, especially the hotels, for all areas of the competition, including umpiring.

"We are having a problem identifying sponsors for our competition, so when we do our budget we would ask individual people to sponsor a line item. As a result of that, we don't have one sponsor that is going to take on the entire amount that is required for the competition. So we are asking individuals to sponsor umpiring just like everything else," he added.

He noted that it costs around $5,000 per game for umpiring duties.

"And we are looking at more than 60 games across the two zones," he said. "What we saying is that it's going to be very expensive, so in a desperate attempt to have a competition, we have decided to identify our best local umpires to do the games."

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