Montego Bay pool closer than ever - Davis

August 28, 2018

Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis has indicated that plans to construct an in-ground swimming pool to harness the talent of young swimmers and propel the sport forward in the west is closer now than ever.

"I have appointed a new committee for the Catherine Hall Multipurpose Stadium; a part of their mandate is to identify an area so that we can construct at least a 50-metre swimming pool," said Davis.

He said the land had already been identified.

"So it's just to get the plan, which is being done now as we speak. At the end of that, we will approach the various agencies of government and also the business community of Montego Bay to see if we can get funding for it," he added.

Davis said he intends to speak with the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) as soon as all plans are complete.

"We had a discussion with them (ASAJ) but could not get into detail without having something as it relates to the bill of quantity and stuff like that, so we are working on that aspect of it now," said Davis.

He noted that there is no established relationship (with ASAJ), but he has had occasional dialogue with their members.

"They also have an interest in us having a 50-metre pool in Montego Bay," he said. "They have given a verbal commitment that they would like to be a party to what is to be done. I think that is very commendable, seeing that they are really based in Kingston, and we could do with any technical help that will be required."

Davis is optimistic people will get on board and drive the venture forward, the way Ann-Marie Logan, president of the Blue Marlin Swim Club has been doing for years.

"Outside of Ms Logan, all the parents are very enthusiastic about having such a facility here in Montego Bay, so I have no doubt that everybody will come on board at the appropriate time," said Davis, whose children are also swimmers.

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