Reynolds requests 'Russian' ruthlessness

September 20, 2018
Kavarly Arnold Photo Rusea's High School goalscorer Chen Moodie (second right) meets a corner kick with a header ahead of teammates and Merlene Ottey High School defenders in their Zone B' ISSA/WATA daCosta Cup match at the Merlene Ottey playfield yesterday. Rusea's won 6-0.

Defending champions Rusea's High School recorded their biggest margin of victory so far in the 2018 ISSA/WATA daCosta Cup, with a 6-0 thrashing of Merlene Ottey High School in tough conditions at the Merlene Ottey playfield yesterday. Vassell Reynolds, coach of Rusea's, said they had to make a statement after seeing his counterparts rack up big wins.

"When you look around the zone, Green Island and Frome, they would have been scoring goals, so we needed to come here and make a statement and we did. We would have made use of six of the chances we that we would have gotten today, and I'm pretty pleased with that," said Reynolds, who believes they still have some work to do in front of goal ahead of their derby clash with Frome Technical High School on Saturday.


A brace from Chen Moodie (20th and 29th minutes) gave Rusea's the lead before the play was stopped because of rainfall. Jhevoy Diaz (34th), Timar Clarke (67th), Odane Gentles (83rd) and Kobe Bryan (88th) picked up where Moodie left off when play resumed after a lengthy break.

Reynolds, who believes his side's smooth run so far is somewhat because of playing lesser opponents, said they are looking take confidence from this win, going further into the competition.

"When you get the goals, despite the weak opposition, you need to take the chances as practice makes perfect. So yes, we know that in front of goal is something that we have to work on," said Reynolds. "I don't think you leaving the preliminary round, going into the second round, the amount of goals you score will make you any bigger favourites or give you an edge. It's just that when you get the chances and score them, it builds your confidence and a platform to go forward. We want to fall into that habit, so when we get two chances, we score them both. So it's good that we can take the confidence into the game Saturday against Frome."

Yesterday's ISSA/WATA daCosta Cup results:

Irwin 2-3 Anchovy

Merlene Ottey 0-6 Rusea's

Hopewell 3-1 Cambridge

Muschett 1-1 Spot Valley

Cedric Titus 2-0 William Knibb

Herbert Morrison 1-0 Holland

Lacovia 1-1 STETHS

Newell 4-0 Sydney Pagon

Munro College 0-1 Maggotty

Troy High 0-2 Spalding

Thompson Town 1-5 Clarendon College

Vere Tech 1-0 Kemps Hill

St Mary High 3-0 Guys Hill

Central 0-0 Porus

Brimmervale 3-2 Tacky

Dinthill 7-1 Ewarton

McGrath 2-3 Charlemont

Enid Bennett 6-0 Tacius Golding

Annotto Bay 4-1 Titchfield

Port Antonio 2-0 Happy Grove

Horace Clarke 1-5 Fair Prospect

Cross Keys 1-6 Garvey Maceo

Bellefield 0-0 Winston Jones

Glenmuir 0-0 Denbigh

St Thomas Tech 2-1 Yallahs

Morant Bay 0-0 Seaforth

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