Mt Pleasant rubbish Montesso rumours

October 13, 2018
@Normal:Mount Pleasant's Kesslon Hall (left) dribbles away from Waterhouse captain Keithy Simpson during their Red Stripe Premier League encounter at Drax Hall on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Mount Pleasant Football Academy club manager David Galloway has denied rumours that former national technical director Alfredo Montesso is back in the island as a coach at the club.

Galloway said that the Montesso, who was a member of Jamaica's 1998 FIFA World Cup coaching staff as a fitness trainer, was contacted by Mount Pleasant to recommend Matthew Henriques, from his homeland of Brazil for a transfer. STAR Sports understands that the player only speaks Portuguese at the moment and Montesso is acting as his translator.

"People have rumours spreading all over the country that Montesso is part of the coaching staff at Mount Pleasant. No, he is not. He is a visitor in the country," said Galloway.

"Montesso is not working with Mount Pleasant. He is a visitor in the country, who merely accompanied the Brazilian player, as he was the one who recommended that player to us. He came as an interpreter with the player, who speaks Portuguese. He is just here for the time being, until Mount Pleasant receives an interpreter," he added.

"He (Montesso) is a good friend of coach Donavon Duckie," Galloway said. "Montesso was a national coach once and that's how he and Duckie built a relationship and still correspond. Mount Pleasant, being a team in the National Premier League, and seeking good quality players, they spoke, he recommended the player to us, and we said let's give him a try."

Galloway pointed out that while Mount Pleasant search for an interpreter for Henriques, steps are being taken to teach him English.

"That will be a part of it. The language barrier can have a great impact on any one person, being in a family that you don't speak the language. We at Mount Pleasant are going to try our best to make him comfortable, and the first step to that is to get him someone to teach him the language," said Galloway.

"So far, since he has been here, he has been a part of the family. He has been coping well and enjoying himself with the players, as they welcome him. And so far, he has been doing well fitting well in the training sessions."

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