JBB endorses proposed amateur boxing series

June 25, 2019

President of the Jamaica Boxing Board (JBB), Stephen 'Bomba' Jones, says the new boxing series being proposed by national coaches Andrew Boland and Carl Grant is a very good concept and one that, to some degree, fills the void left by the popular Wray & Nephew Contender series.

Jones met with both coaches and the potential sponsor of the new initiative, which targets coming on stream in July. But although the show will not be televised live, Jones strongly believes it's a great idea and that it is an avenue for young local boxers to develop.

"They did come to the table with a potential sponsor to do a series and I thought it would be a good idea. The feedback from most of the coaches and managers was that it would be a good idea to have a series going around the island.

"So we sanctioned it, gave our blessing, and we got the (proposal) letter and carried it to a board level, and everything seemed to be in place in terms of what was necessary. So we did meet with (Andrew) Boland and Carl (Grant) and the potential sponsors, but we haven't heard anything after that," he revealed.


Jones said following the meeting, he got the impression that the coaches and promoters would finalise their plans and get back to them.

"We had the meeting not more than two months [ago]. I thought it was a very good meeting. What we were left with, though, at the board level was that it was for them (coaches) to speak to their sponsor and take it from there," said Jones.

However, he is hoping that the organisers have worked out the details and will get back to them soon, as the idea of a amateur roadshow will be a good venture to invest in.

"I think the concept of having series around the island is viable. But for anything to be successful, the partners involved have to be dependable. If they have time and the structure to sustain it, it is viable. The concept that we saw, the concept that we spoke about, that the coaches spoke about having a roadshow series, is definitely one I think would do well.

"The Contender had a roadshow before the season started, they had about four different shows around the island that did very well. But to be successful at anything depends on the infrastructure and being aligned to sponsors. It is a very good concept and if they can deliver what they propose, and they can align with the sponsors to do it, I think it should do well," he commented.

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