My 51-year-old boyfriend has 12 children


March 10, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a problem. I am 22 years old and I have three children. But none of them is living with me. I am not living with any of the fathers of these children. I am with a 51-year-old man. He is a very good man. He built me a house and he has made me very happy. He is better in bed than young guys. I enjoy having sex with him much more than any young man. I don't have him for myself. He lives with his babymother, and he is the father of 12 children. I cannot live without him. I love him so much. He makes me smile when I am sad. I have even written a book about him.


Dear Unnamed,

This man is evidently a man of means. If he has 12 children and is supporting you so very well and has built you a house, he must be earning lots of money. No wonder you want to hang on to him.

At the age of 22, you have three children. I wonder how many more you would love to have. Have you considered going back to school? Please remember that this man is 51 years old. One of these days he is going to move on. I suggest that you consider going to HEART and learning a skill.

I am not condemning you; I am showing you that it is not wise to rely on this man for support. And I would also suggest that you seriously consider taking the fathers of these children to court for child support.


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