My boyfriend makes too much noise during sex


March 10, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem. I am 33 years old and having a relationship with a man who used to live in England. He has returned home for good. He said he was looking for a wife, and that he is divorced. I told him that I have two children and if I come to live with him, I would have to take my children. He said that would be all right. The first two weeks were good. But after that he kept complaining that the children were rude and they were touching his things. This man was so miserable. I couldn't stand him. Whenever he has sex with me, the neighbours would know because he makes a lot of noise. I have tried to keep him quiet but I have often failed. It doesn't make any sense talking to him. He makes noise when he is having sex, that's the way he likes it. I told him we have to part because he doesn't like my children and we can't get along. He is asking me to give him back all the money that he spent on me.


Dear A.H,

Don't worry, lots of men spend money on women and when the women and themselves can't get along, they ask the women to give them back the money that they have spent. These men are silly. And this man is in that category. If you are planning to leave this man, do so as soon as possible. Ignore the foolishness that he is talking. The money that he gave to you cannot be returned to him. You have spent that money already. Both of you are living together and he supported you as his common-law wife. And if both of you cannot get along and you want to leave, you are not obligated to give him any money. You did not take a loan from him. The money he gave to you was to maintain the house, your children and yourself and, of course, him. So don't allow what he is telling you to get you upset. Ignore his nonsense.

I think I understand what you are trying to say concerning the noise that he makes while both of you are making love. Some women complain that some men love to chat when they are doing certain things. Some women also say crazy things. And everybody who is in the house or lives nearby knows what is going on. It has nothing to do with the bed making noise because the springs are bad. Even if you were to turn up the radio or television, the neighbours would still hear what is going on.


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