I had two abortions, now I can't get pregnant


March 14, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Keep up the good work. I am 42 years old and depressed. Nothing is happening for me. I have two children but I got pregnant four times, so I aborted two and, looking back now, I regret having the abortions. I am now married, but my husband does not know that I had abortions. I have been married now for seven years and I have done everything to get pregnant, but I can't get pregnant.

My husband does not have any children and he is only 38 years old. He said I shouldn't worry. The doctor told me that nothing is wrong with me, I could get pregnant again. I am at the place where I want to give up. Do you think that God would ever forgive me for having two abortions? What can I do to get pregnant?


Dear T.P.,

I would say to you now that you are married, so keep on trying. You are not too old to get pregnant. I am not a medical doctor, but your doctor has told you that you may still become pregnant and you should believe him. Concerning the abortions, you cannot bring back the pregnancies. And there is nothing that a person can do and then ask for forgiveness that God would not forgive him or her. You have never told your husband that you had abortions; it would not be wise to tell him now. What I would suggest that you do is to try your best to read your Bible and to pray and make sure you go to church and praise your God. Follow every advice that you get from your doctor and nobody else.


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