I love your column, radio show, pastor


March 14, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a long-time reader of your column. I am living in Florida. When I listen to your show, your callers and you crack me up. I feel at home when I hear my people talking. Pastor, you are doing such a good job. My husband is not a Jamaican but he enjoys listening to your show. And when he doesn't understand he asks me to explain what the callers are saying. I would like to return to Jamaica but my husband and my children won't let me. So I guess I would just have to read your columns and listen to your show and keep in touch with my homeland that way. Thank you pastor.


Dear A.T.,

I thank you for writing. I am glad that you enjoy the column and that you listen to the 'Dear Pastor' show. You seemed to have a wonderful family. Take good care of yourself. Keep listening to the show and keep reading the column. Feel free to write again. Bye-bye.


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