I want to abort this child


March 15, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have been married for two years. I recently had a child; she is now one year and a couple of months old. The three of us live together with my mother. We are a fairly young couple, ages 23 and 24, that is trying to be successful. He is an officer of the law and I am a records management supervisor. Even though all of this might seem good, there is one problem.

I recently found out that I am pregnant again. I wasn't ready for another child. I still have my house to finish, a car to buy and to further my education. I am depressed. Sometimes I find it hard to find someone to stay with my daughter, and now that I am having another child I am going to have two responsibilities.

I know that it's our fault that it happened, but I wasn't ready. My husband is happy and he is saying that I should give birth to this other baby and finish having children early, but I don't agree. I wanted them to be five years apart, or even three. I am seriously considering an abortion.

I know you're going to say it's wrong and ungodly, but I think it's the right thing to do at this point in time. If I keep this child my family will be pissed off, and people will talk because I just had a baby. Normally, I don't listen to what people have to say about me but now that I am pregnant, I am like a sponge. I get depressed and sad easily. I can't take it. I am not sure what to do.

Pregnant and Depressed

Dear Pregnant and Depressed,

You are carrying a pregnancy that was not planned. But take comfort in the fact that numerous persons have been born into the world who were not planned for by their parents. They were supported and they grew up and have made valuable contribution to society. God will take care of you. The things that you say that you would love to have can wait. You will eventually purchase them as you save towards buying them. So don't abort your pregnancy. God will take care of you and He will take care of the baby. Your husband is happy and he will give you the support you need. I wish you well. May God bless you, take good care.


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