Husband stabbed me for not taking him back


March 21, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column and it is very interesting. Five years ago I got married. My husband stole something and was arrested. He was in jail for over a year. He was released in June 2015. I decided that I will not take him back and because of that he stabbed me, and now he is on the run. I feel stressed and my daughter has to be cheering me up. Sometimes I feel like I would take my own life.

Too often, people treat me as if I am the only person a man has stabbed and I am the only married woman a man has abused. I cry day and night and I feel like I am the worst person in the world. At times, when I try to talk to certain people, they ignore me.

I was talking to a man. He took care of me during my illness. He has a girlfriend, but it was while we were in a relationship he told me about her. She visited the house while I was not there and I spoke to him about it. He wanted to disrespect me for her, so I left him. He wants me to come back.

The relationship is not going anywhere. I love him to my heart.


Dear M.G.,

I am sorry to hear that you were abused by your estranged husband. He could have killed you but through the goodness of God your life has been spared. You made a decision not to live with this man after he was released from prison, but it was evident that he felt that you had no right to reject him. Perhaps, by stabbing you, he was sending you a message that if he cannot get you, no one else should. Again I say, thank God your life is spared.

I can understand how you feel rejected at times. I wouldn't doubt that at times you try to reach out to those you feel could help you, but to no avail.

You got yourself a new boyfriend, but he has proven himself to be a disappointment. He did not tell you about the other woman and he tried to belittle you in her presence. You have suffered too much by your husband to undergo another embarrassment.

May I suggest that you talk to a lawyer about getting a divorce and that you check out thoroughly the background of the man who might show interest in you. Remember, men are liars; and while women are eager to get money from men, the main aim of men is to get under the women's skirts.


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