My boyfriend stole $20,000 from my purse


March 22, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old and I have a boyfriend. I live with my sister, who is 25 years old. I have my own room and my sister has her own room. We share the rent, but it is my sister who got the place. I respect her. Her boyfriend used to come and sleep with her, but he doesn't come often again because recently, she became a Christian. My boyfriend comes to see me and we sleep together.

I got $40,000 and I put it in my bag, and after my boyfriend left and I went into the bag, I missed $20,000. I called him and asked him why he took the money without my permission. And he said that he did not take it. He said it must be my sister. I know it was not my sister that took the money. She would have told me because that is how we live. From the time I asked him for my money, he hasn't come back to see me. Don't you think that he was the one who took my money?


Dear V.L.,

Your boyfriend might as well stay away or bring back your money. If he is not a thief, he is behaving like one. You should have absolutely nothing more to do with him. Do not in the future keep so much money in cash at your home. I am glad you have confidence in your sister. This guy is not a good man.


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