My matie and I are both pregnant


March 24, 2016

Dear Pastor

When someone you love hurts you, it feels like your whole world has fallen apart. My boyfriend got another girl pregnant while I was pregnant by him. Both babies were born only a month apart. Whenever I see the other woman, I feel like my heart is broken all over again. At this stage, I don't think that I would be able to trust any man again.


Dear J.,

This man could have fathered a child and you would not have known anything about it for many years. But you became aware that another girl was pregnant by him while you were carrying his child. I can understand how disappointed you were because you wanted to be his one and only woman and you felt deceived by him.

He is a careless man. You thought you were special. Perhaps if you were to ask him he would still say you are special. But he made a big mistake. He didn't mean to get the other girl pregnant.

I suggest, therefore, that you live in peace with the other baby- mother and let the children grow up like twins. One should not get more than the other, and the mothers should not fight and try to prove to this man that one is better than the other.


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