I followed your advice and now I'm happy


March 29, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you. I have written to you before about my ex-boyfriend. I followed your advice and I moved from stress to happiness, and I am loving it. Shortly after I wrote to you, my boyfriend put me out. Well, I am back at my mother's house with my son. I have also found a young man who is about the same age as my ex-boyfriend. He lives in England, but he is originally from St Thomas, and he is also from the same district that I am from.

I have known this man for less than nine weeks and it seems like I have known him for many years. He has taken me out and I enjoyed myself very much and I am very happy and feel relaxed. He is assisting me with building a house. He wants to send me back to school and he is taking good care of me and my son. I love him, but I am scared of being hurt again. He has gone back to England. He gave me a phone so we can talk and he always ensures that I have service all the time. I miss him and the fun and the good times he made me enjoy. He wants to send me to a community college. He wants me to find out the information and let him know.

I have been praying for a job so I can help my son and myself, but God sent me an angel instead. I thank God for him and I will continue to pray. Keep doing your good work and I thank you for your advice.


Dear C.A.,

This relationship is moving at a rapid pace and may be heading for a crash. It is not even six months old and this man is promising you silver and gold and happiness, and you seem to believe every word he says. According to you, you have never been so happy. I know that you might not like what I am about to say, but I do not trust such a relationship. It is too smooth. His promises are too many.

He has gone back to England, but at the same time he is pledging to pay for you to go to college. May God forgive me if I am saying anything wrong to you. I would prefer you say that you are seeking a job to take care of your son and you are not relying on this man.

Yes, you had a wonderful time with him when you all went out on dates. Yes, you felt very comfortable in his presence, but you don't know this man enough to put your life in his hands. I don't wish you anything that is bad, but I would caution you not to put all your trust in him. It is much too early to do so.


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