The helper is sleeping with my elderly father


April 01, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am 41. I need your advice. My father is 68. He has not been well. He divorced my mother about 15 years ago. He never remarried.

He has been a decent father all along. All his children have done well. My mother made a mistake. He never forgave her. She is living in America.

My father has always helped himself, but we encouraged him to get a helper to wash and keep the place tidy. He reluctantly agreed. We pay the helper, but we send the money to him.

My father has gotten involved with this woman. When we heard about it, my brothers and I talked to him about it. He said she only she sleeps over sometimes. One of my brothers was very hard on him. My father told him not to call back because he is no boy.

This woman has become stuck on to my father. My father does not want her to leave. Pastor, I believe what she wants is his house. We have a lovely home and he still drives a modern car.

I asked my father whether he will marry this woman. I was shocked when he said he was thinking about it. Pastor, if he marries this woman, it would be war between her and my family.


Dear G.L.,

The problem with you, children, is that you believe you have a right to direct your father's life.

He needs companionship and believes the woman who is taking care of the house is the right woman for him.

You may not like the woman, but if it's daddy's girlfriend, you will have to respect that. His property could be protected. This woman does not have to get his property, but she would be entitled to something. A lawyer can handle this matter for him without a hassle.


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