I have a boyfriend but I am lonely


April 04, 2016

Dear Pastor

Sometimes, married women are very lonely because their husbands are busy at work, and some are with their friends or sometimes with other women. I am not married, but my relationship is just as if I am married. I am lonely. My boyfriend spends time texting and hanging out with other people.


Dear S.,

If a man does not spend time with his woman, whether they are married or not, the relationship will not go well. It might not last for a long time. If a man is too busy to spend time with his lover, he is just too busy. A woman loves to have her man spend quality time with her. They don't have to go out if they don't have the money to do so. They can stay at home, play games and watch television.

Only a very foolish man would put another woman above his wife. An outside woman wants only one thing, and that is his money. She might want sex from him but the money is the main objective, and if he can't give her money, she would be seeing her period every day in an effort to frustrate him.

You know from this man behaviour that he has another woman. You will have to make up your mind whether you are willing to leave him or share him with other women.


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