In whose name should we be baptised?


April 04, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you. I am writing to you because you speak fairly and frankly on any issue people may have. I am a young Christian who got baptised less than a year ago. I am living in St Catherine for about 10 years now but grew up in Manchester. I left Manchester in search of a job. I had an accident which almost took my life. I suffered a broken hand and leg and also head injury after being hit from my motorcycle. I was unconscious for a few weeks. When I regained consciousness, I asked what happened and I was told of the accident. I know I have been saved for a special purpose.

I remember being baptised when I was about 13 years old. This was not really my choice as my grandmother told me to put up my hand to indicate to the pastor that I wanted to be baptised. My grandmother's church believes that one is to baptised in Jesus' name only. So when I told her that I was baptised in a Church of God Church, she was not pleased. Even my mom thinks I did a wrong thing. I went to my mother's church during the Easter and the elder of the Church, who knew me and heard that I was baptised in a Church of God Church, preached against me. When I went back that night, he pointed at me, saying I should question God. My wife was there and she felt ashamed because we are of the same faith and go to the same church. After I went home, I told my mom that I don't believe that the elder should preach against me like that and I was not forced to be baptised when I did so. I read the Bible for myself, especially St Matthew 28 Verses 19 to 20, but my mom is telling me about Acts 2 Verse 38. Pastor, I need your take on this issue.


Dear J.M.,

You do not have to be baptised again, and I don't care what the elder told you, stand firm. You are already baptised. Some preachers do not practise proper Christian ethics. Instead of preaching the gospel, they throw words and try to make folks who are in attendance feel very uncomfortable. I believe your mother means well. But whether you were baptised according to the mode in Matthew 28 or Acts 2, you are baptised and neither of these modes can save you. What will save you and cause you to inherit eternal life is your faith in Jesus Christ. You have embraced Jesus Christ as your saviour and Lord, and that is all you need. Don't let anybody make a fool of you and confuse you. Salvation is not in water. It is in Jesus Christ alone. Whether you are Baptist, Pentecostal, Church of God or Catholic, it would not help you to inherit eternal life if you do not have Jesus.


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