My sister won't stop texting my man


May 06, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I live with my relatives. They treat me bad. They say the worse things about me. If I have a man, as soon as I turn my back they tell the man bad things about me.

I met a guy who said he loves me. My sister and I started to text him. She asked him to send sexual content to her. He sent them. He informed me of it. Afterwards, my babyfather could tell me everything about the guy. The guy said every time he tells my sister he is in my area that is when my babyfather and I argue.

Everything has come out in the open, but now I cannot be sure if I can trust him. I love him, but can't trust my family or anyone. I need your advice.

My sister has a man and he does not know what she is doing. Should I tell him about it? She is always accusing him of cheating and searches him when he goes home.

Unhappy Sister

Dear Unhappy Sister,

I am sorry to know that your relatives are not treating you well. I cannot understand why your sister, who should be trying to protect you, is always saying negative things about you.

Why would she encourage your boyfriend to send her text of a sexual nature if she is not interested in him?

I can understand how upset you are. This is happening everywhere now. We see men becoming sexually involved with their brothers' women, and women becoming sexually involved with their sisters' men. It is shameful behaviour.

Don't be discouraged. Try to do your very best. Remember that some relatives don't do their best to support each other. They prefer to pull them down to the ground, so to speak.

It is either that your sister is in love with your boyfriend or she prefers to see you break up. Although she is carrying news on you that is not good, please don't say negative things to her boyfriend about her.


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