My 75-year-old wife is very nagging


May 14, 2016

Dear pastor

I am having a problem. I am 68 and my wife is 75. My wife and I have five children. None of them live in Jamaica. We visit them. We are not interested in leaving Jamaica.

My wife is very feeble these days. However, her mouth is very strong. Every helper we get, after a few weeks my wife runs them away and accuses me of having affairs with them.

I told her if she continues to behave like this I will have to put her in a nursing home. I talked to the children and they are against that. They told me I should get older women to work at the house.

The older women can't manage because the house is big and the older women have to go home to be with their husbands.

If any woman is in the house at nights and my wife does not see me, she calls to make sure I am not in any of the rooms. She doesn't sleep at nights.

Whenever I complain to her friends, she tells them I have not changed and how much trouble I gave her when we were young. Some of the things didn't go as how she is putting them now.

I can't go anywhere at nights, not even to have a drink with my friends. It is like I am a prisoner in my own home because of my wife.

What I can do?


Dear E.H.

Ask your children whether they would be willing to take their mother to live with them. Tell them if they do not wish to take her (which I doubt they will), they should be prepared to pay for two persons to take care of her at nights.

She doesn't want any woman to be in the house with you alone. Therefore, they should be prepared to pay two nurses to work with her at nights. It is unlikely she will accuse you of affairs with two women working at the house together.

I can't imagine how disgusting it must be for a woman to be nagging a man about him having an affair all the time. Perhaps your wife needs some help.


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