Pastor's preaching turned my boyfriend from church


May 14, 2016

Dear Pastor

Do you believe that it is right for a pastor to tell his members where they should go?

I am a young Christian. I invited my boyfriend to church. He is not a Christian. He came to church and heard my pastor preach. When I invited him to church we agreed we would go to a movie the Sunday evening.

I seasoned the meat before we went to church. We were planning to come home and cook, then go the movies.

My pastor turned him off. He said that Christian girls should not wear short skirts and boys shouldn't wear tight pants. He preached about everything that Sunday morning. He talked about tattoos, earrings, hair pieces and everything.

My boyfriend was so upset he told me we should leave. I told him no. I don't know what got into my pastor. He said girls should not wear bikinis to the beach and should not go to the movies.

That did it for my boyfriend. He doesn't want to go back to that church. I like the church and was planning to get baptised. Now I don't know what to do.

Young Christian

Dear Young Christian

Many of these churches have their rules. Some of these rules are not necessarily based on scripture. There are rules that are made up by people who believe they have the right to direct the lives of others.

I suggest you make an appointment to see your pastor and discuss your concerns with him. Then you may decide whether you want to continue attending that church.


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