My step-father is a peeping tom


May 17, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 I live with my mother and step- father. My stepfather does not like me. I caught him peeping at me.

I asked him why he was peeping at me. My mother had left for work. He had not gone to work that day. I was going to classes in the afternoon.

When I asked him why he was peeping at me, he told me he liked what he saw.

I told him he should be looking at my mother, not me.

I went to class. When I came back, I told my mother what had happened. He called me a liar.

My mother asked him why I would lie on him. He didn't have any answer. From that time I don't trust him.

One day I asked my mother if she believed I was lying. She told me no, but when you have your hand in the lion's mouth, you have to take your time and draw it out.

We are living in his house. It is not really his house. It is his parents' house but they don't live in Jamaica. They have another house where they stay when they come to Jamaica.

I am dying to leave this place. I am not afraid of him. I can protect myself. I only want to know my mother has confidence in me.


Dear C.L.,

You are an intelligent girl. Your mother is an intelligent mother. She can only do so much to protect you. You mother should not allow you to be around the house alone, unless it cannot be avoided.

I believe your mother is genuine when she assured you that she believes you.

Be on your toes, so to speak. Never let down your guard. Stay close to your mother. I wish you well.


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