My woman had sex with another man


May 17, 2016

Dear Pastor

I have been with my girlfriend for a little over a year. About six months into our relationship she found that I was seeing our neighbour.

She went to the neighbour's husband with naked photos and text messages. He confronted me. I told him what it was and that was it.

I recently found a new job. I have to work at nights. One day I told her to wake me up so I could get to my second job. She called and the phone went straight to voicemail. I texted her, telling her I was awake. She replied, "I don't want to be with you anymore". I replied, "Okay."

In my head, all she needed was some space. Two weeks passed, she didn't call, so I did. She told me she was chilling all that time.

She was about to celebrate her birthday so we got together, but the sex was different. I asked her a week after why was the sex so different. She told me she had sex with someone else but they had used a condom. After she told me that we had fights.

After all that I found out, she was with a man she had claimed was her best friend. The other day I was on Facebook I saw that she and the guy were still friends. She is pregnant. I think the child she is carrying is mine.

Where do I go from here?


Dear R.S,

As I see it, you don't have much sense. This young woman has been having sex with other men and making a fool of you. You are saying you believe that the child that she is carrying is yours. You are too foolish. Your mother would be ashamed of you. I hate to see men behave like idiots (I have to restrain myself).

If you want to claim this child, it is up to you. She has not told you that you are responsible for her pregnancy but you are eager to get yourself a 'yute', so you are willing to be an idiot.


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