People can't be trusted


May 18, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Five types of people who are not to be trusted are some neighbours, murderers, some family members, some lawyers and some doctors. They are all liars.


Dear K,

If you have neighbours that you cannot trust, you are in big trouble because you are supposed to look out for each other. Some homes are not close and neighbours don't see each other for weeks, etc., but it would be unfortunate if neighbours can't trust the persons who live in the neighbourhood.

I know there are times when people who work in the community cannot be trusted. Some may organise with outsiders to steal form their employers, but if they are caught they should be severely dealt with.

Murderers cannot be trusted, but it is a disgrace if you cannot even trust family members. You should trust your doctor to tell you the truth and to do his or her best to help you. However, get a second opinion. It is a wise thing to do.

People always condemn lawyers, but what they fail to realise is that lawyers have their job to do. I believe that there are honest lawyers who can be trusted. They are not all liars. I know there are people who will not agree with me, but that is how I see it.


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