My babyfather's brother tricked me


May 19, 2016

Dear Pastor

I have two children for two different men. One of the men is living in Jamaica and the other lives in the Unites States. The one in the States is not working, but he treats me better than the one in Jamaica. I told him that I wanted some help to raise some chickens. His brother was coming to Jamaica, so he gave his brother US$200 to give to me. He later called and asked me if I got the money and I told him no. I contacted his brother and he said that he will soon give me the money. Until now, he hasn't brought it to me.

My babyfather is so upset about it. We don't know what he did with the money. He has no heart. I borrowed the money from my father to buy the chicks. I am expecting my child's father to come back and marry me, that is the plan. I wouldn't want to see his brother at the wedding. My child's father said that I should not ask him for the money again, but I am going to ask him whenever I see him again.

- M.E.

Dear M.E.

There are many wicked relatives around. They have no heart, so to speak. If the brother of your child's father borrowed the money, he should not have lied about it. I am glad that your father has come to your rescue. I wish you all the best with raising your chickens. Your gentleman told you not to ask his brother again about the money. I would suggest that you leave it alone. A wise woman has to learn to listen to her man and not to go against his suggestions.


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