I am seeking an elderly man


May 24, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am a 60-year-old woman. I have retired from the government service. I am seeking a companion between the age of 60 and 75. No player, please. This person must be God-fearing, respectful, honest, and trustworthy. He must also be of good character and be an outstanding individual in his community. This person does not have to reside in Jamaica.


Dear Y.M.

You are a young senior citizen. You have a lot to offer and you have declared the type of man you are seeking, and I pray that God will give you the desire of your heart. It is likely that men are going to rush me for your name and number. So I will declare now that anybody who would be interested in making contact with you must put it in writing and send it to me and send it to my mailing address in THE STAR. After receiving the letters, I will send them all to you. It will be your responsibility to whom you will respond.

I wish you the very best and may the Lord continue to bless you.


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