My woman curse at my children


May 25, 2016

Dear Pastor

I listen to your show every night. I buy THE STAR and read your column.

I am having a problem. I am a builder. I am live with a woman. We are not married. I took her with three children. She agreed I would take my two.

Her children do not have any manners. She doesn't want me to correct them. I told her if they are under my roof they would have to listen to me.

No bad words were ever used in my home. I don't curse bad words to my children. However, whenever my children do something wrong, she will tear the house down with bad words. She curses my children and tell them what they should go and do with their mother.

We have been living together for two years, two years of hell. I am not going to say my children aren't rude, all children are rude. I cannot respect any woman who curses boy children and tells them such rudeness.

When I took this woman, the man she was living with used to abuse her. I can see why he did so. I don't beat women. I have asked her to leave. She begs me every day to let her stay.

I have stopped eating from her. I don't even sleep with her anymore. I sleep in the couch. My children do not respect her anymore.


Dear S.M.

If this woman is not working, help her to get a job and let her go her way.

She is disrespectful. She is not a good role model. You made a mistake by taking her into your house. She has become comfortable.

She is not the type of woman from whom you should eat. Be very careful. Ask her to leave and be firm about it.


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