I want to help my half brother and his children


May 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a brother on my father's side that I did not know until I was 23. I am now 40.

This brother has not done well academically. He is involved in farming. Before my father died, he gave another brother and I a piece of land. I told my brother that we should help out the half-brother that we did not know about by letting him work the land that our father gave to us, until we are ready to use it.

We have our own home, but our struggling half-brother doesn't have much. He has six children and is living with a woman who is not working. My brother calls him worthless and says that if we put him on the land, he is going to claim it and say that it is his father's own, then we won't be able to take him off. My husband has sided with my brother. I don't want to see the children suffer. So I am asking you to give me your advice.


Dear Sister,

I understand what you are trying to say. You feel that this outside brother should be given an opportunity to earn a living from the piece of property that you and your brother have inherited. That, to me, is commendable.

On the other hand, the brother with whom you share ownership has some concerns, and rightly so.

I suggest, therefore, that you discuss this matter with a lawyer.

He might not want to move when you need the land and you may have to fight him in the court. So to avoid this type of problem, seek professional help from an attorney.


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