My Jcan husband got two other women pregnant


May 27, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am visiting my husband in Jamaica. I am not Jamaican. I came to Jamaica and fell in love with him.

The plan was that we would get married, I would go back to America and apply for him to join me.

As soon as I went back to America, I started to hear that my husband was sleeping around with 'common' girls in the community. I asked him about it. He asked what did I expect him to do while I was not around?

I told him I expected him to behave himself. He said for him to behave himself I must come to Jamaica every month.

It took me six months to come back to Jamaica. During that time, my husband got two girls pregnant. One of them practically lived at his house.

I am older than my husband. This girl tells everybody my husband doesn't want me because I am an old woman, and not even the rings I am wearing were bought by him. It's true, the rings weren't bought by my husband. I bought these rings in the States because they are expensive in Jamaica.

The other girl, who has a child for my husband, has not given me much information. My husband is saying I am asking too many questions and he is not interested in coming to live with me anymore.

I spent a lot of money on this man. I am not an unreasonable woman. I told him I would come to Jamaica and live with him if he would stop having sex with these girls. He has not given me any positive argument.

The girls do not come around when I am here, but he goes out to see them. My friends had told me not to marry anyone from Jamaica. I told them I love Jamaican men.

I would like you to speak to my husband to see if he would change. He listens to you every night.


Dear N.J.

If you leave your country and come to Jamaica, just to watch your husband, you would be making a very big mistake.

This man has his own lifestyle that you cannot change. Perhaps when he agreed to marry you, he wanted to live in America but now he sees that his homeland Jamaica, is the place to be, and he probably won't be comfortable living in America, leaving his two baby- mothers in Jamaica.

One of his babymothers said you are too old for him. He probably said that to her. Most likely she had asked him what her future would be with him, then he told her she doesn't have to worry because you are an old woman. So she does not have to worry because she could be his wife soon.

Frankly, madam, you may try to fight to keep your marriage but I don't see this working out in your favour. Either you are going to agree to share him with these girls or leave him. You can't watch him 24/7. As soon as you leave he is going to go to them.

If you were to send him money, he is going to give them part of it to support his children. Make up your mind on what you want to do.

Of course, I would love to talk to him by phone. You can call the office and arrange with my assistant a time convenient for all of us. We could have a three-way conversation because you would have to participate in the session.


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