We had sex for less than a minute


May 31, 2016

Dear Pastor:

I was feeling sexy for the entire day. So when my husband came home, I told him how I was feeling and that I wanted us to have sex. We had sex for less than a minute. I asked him to stay up with me for a while. He ate his dinner and went to bed and slept until morning.


Dear B:

I think the reason why you are complaining to me is because you believe that your husband was insensitive to your sexual needs. You do not believe that he tried his best to satisfy you. He engaged in a little sex, but that probably got you hotter. And even when you begged him not to go to bed, he couldn't keep up. Perhaps you think that he treated you unfairly, but I would rather believe that the brother did his best. He was tired but you were not. You could have gone all night, but he couldn't. What both of you should have done was to sleep and then early in the morning, you make love.

My dear, you were home all day and your mind was on sex. Your husband didn't have to try to get you in the mood. You were hot like fire already. He could not cool you in a minute, but he tried his best to make you feel better. It is not always like that. So look forward to better days that are ahead.


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