Is it wrong to marry my friend's ex?


June 03, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am writing you because I need help. I am a 24-year-old woman. I had a very close friend. We went to school together and used to hang out together. She had a boyfriend. She used to tell me she didn't know what to do because her people didn't like him.

She left and went to live in Canada. Before she left, she said the relationship was over. I did not have a boyfriend.

When the relationship between them ended, he started to date me. I didn't think there was anything wrong because my friend and him were not together again.

When I saw that the guy was serious about me, I spoke to her about it. She said I should go ahead. He has now proposed to me and we are planning to getting married. My friend is making a big issue over it. She has called me names which I will not mention to you out of respect. She even said she believes I used to go to bed with him before she left Jamaica.

That is not true. I never went out with this guy while they were friends.

The thing is, pastor, she does not have a stable relationship. She is a nice girl, but her parents are prejudiced.

This guy is a Christian. He has a good job, and my folks love him.

Is it wrong to marry a man who was once in love with your friend but not anymore? Pastor, what am I guilty of? I did not take him away from her. She gave him up.

F. W.

Dear F.W.

Try to ignore your friend. Her problem right now is jealousy. She knew, he was a good guy, but wasn't accepted in her family. They broke up. She broke up with him.

She did that on her own volition. You don't have anything to apologise for. You became friends after they broke up and you told her about the relationship.

She gave you her blessing, she told you to go ahead. You didn't have to get her blessing, but she gave you. You shouldn't be worried.

Continue planning your wedding. I wish you well.


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