I've given up on living back in Jamaica


June 03, 2016

Dear Pastor

I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I am a fan of your show and a follower on Facebook.

I downloaded a radio app and Power 106 was on it. One night I heard your show and was hooked. It happened by accident. I wish I had known of it years ago. I have been listening to you since, three hours every night.

My routine is to grab a snack, drink something, get into bed with my two dogs beside me and, for the next three hours, I'm with you and your followers. I have learnt so much. I find it very interesting on so many different levels.

My dream, for more than 40 years, has been to live in Jamaica. However, I have surrendered to the idea that it is never going to happen.

My love for the island and culture, I have embraced. Here, I'm invisible and what I love the most doesn't exist where I live. Although no one knows this about me, inside, I'm very sad that I will never have someone to grow old with.

I'm trying to let it go and be happy with no one.

It's a part of my life that has not been there since I was in my 30s. I do have a life and make the best of it.

I'm told I should lower my standards. I just can't do that, no matter what. I'm told I'm looking for the perfect man. I'm not, at all, just one whose faults I can live with.


I have not lived with a man since I left my husband. I got married when I was 16 and left him when I was 25.

People see me as being strong, independent and smart. I am, but what no one knows is that I feel empty and unlovable.

I live on a fixed income and I'm going to be 57. Because of that, I don't get to choose. What I have learnt is having money does not make you a better person and having no money does not make you a bad person.

Pastor, I'm a good person and have had the same friends in my life since I was a child.

I could call up and talk to my ex-boyfriends and no one would say a bad thing. I have made no enemies. Even my ex-husband, I still try to help out if he needs it (Long story there. I can forgive him, it may take time but I can get there).

Pastor, do you have time to read all the responses and comments on Facebook? Sometimes there's not enough time, I was wondering.

Do you go back and see what we're saying after the show? I'm sure I will come back to Jamaica some day and I'm going to come to meet you.

It's hard not being able to call in. I would love to call your show. Long distance is heavy and sometimes people can be on hold for a long time. If I find a deal I will start calling in too.

Pastor, if I ever do find love and get married, I want you to do my ceremony.


I really did like you singing happy birthday (a caller). It was so nice, for real. I was smiling all through it. What a gift? Will you sing that to me on my birthday? I would love that. Thank you so much for your wisdom and voice of reason.


Dear S.D.

How sweet of you to write me! I want you to know I read your comments on my Facebook page every day, and, yes, even after the show I do read the comments made on each of my topics.

Your comments are always helpful and educational. I have observed that for many years, it has been your desire to live in Jamaica. You have also indicated that it would be good to have a Jamaican man by your side. Nothing is wrong with that. They are some good men, who I am sure, will fit your criteria.

I know, however, that one of the problems you may have to face with Jamaican men is having your dogs in bed with you.

Jamaican men, in general, would not put up with you having your dogs in bed. It is either the man in the bed or your dogs.

I hope what you are trying to say is that because there is no man in bed with you, your dogs keep your company.

Don't give up on your dream to live in Jamaica. The Good Lord may provide you with a good man, who will love you and give you a happy home in Jamaica.

You have my prayers. Thank you so very much for writing and listening to 'Dear Pastor' show on Power 106 FM.


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